System Consulting, Design and Training

Complete Systems Services

We will listen to your needs and design a solution for your technology needs.  Including system specifications, installation and setup.


Spyware, Windows Updates, Low Cost Firewall and Anti-Virus Solutions:   Is your system running slow, causing delays and crashing.  Did your support from your manufacturer run out a while back.  I’ll be glad to analyze and diagnose the problem and get you and your system back on track.
Operating Systems Supported PC Windows  Windows XP Home and Professional, Vista and Windows 7

Networking – Wireless Setups

Need help connecting multiple computer systems?  Do you want to print to your inkjet from the laptop on the other side of the house.  Let us design and provide a quote to connect your entire house, quickly sharing files and information from anywhere in your home.
Desktop PC Upgrades – Software Installation
Need help upgrading your hard drive, cd rom, or other pc component.  How about that new application that’s giving you headaches, give me a call I’ll be glad to help you out.

Website Integrations

An Authorized Google Partner I’ll be glad to assist you in your Google Apps rollout either with Email, Docs of Sites for your Small Business