Accelerate Mobile Browsing

Do you want?

  • Accelerated Browsing?
  • Mobile Friendly ?
  • Google SERP bump?

Amp is for you.

This post was optimized for AMP by Automattic’s new AMP plugin!

The AMP project headquarters is located at

Why use AMP?

Google has recently added support for this feature which enables mobile users to get content faster and smoother on their tablets and mobile phones.  Do your visitors want a fast loading page?  This may help you out?

Do you want to optimize your entire site including pages?  Well just hold on a bit this beta plugin doesn’t support those right now.  Hopefully they will add them soon.  If you are the impatient type you may give this plugin a try!  Are you on a tablet or movie device?  Click here to load this post AMP accelerated.

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