Watch Out College Students

IRS gives but just might take it away:

Apparently the IRS messed up that $800 bucks you get to keep or $13 a pay period might bite you next year. . .

From the article . . .
– A single college student with a part-time job making $10,000 would get a $400 boost in pay. However, if that student is claimed as a dependent on a parent’s tax return,

she doesn’t qualify for the credit and would have to repay it when she files next year.

OUCH . . .
Be Careful and get that Deduction right. . . Uncle Sam may get you in the end!
Tax Rebate in 09 could bite you in 2010 look out

Tax Rebate in 09 could bite you in 2010 look out


How much is 3.27 Trillion Dollars anyway?

How much debt is the CBO projecting for the US to incur as a result of the stimulus plan?

Yep that’s right 3.27 trillion dollars. . . .

Debt incurred as result of Stimulus
Debt incurred as result of Stimulus

Did you know you can stack a column of pennies 720,750 Kilometers with that many pennies.

You could also travel to the moon and back if you could walk on a penny road there. 🙂

And you could traverse the Earth 18 times on that same penny road it goes so far. . .

Kill Comment Spam Dead Use Akismet and WP-Hashcash

Do you use WordPress? If you do I find the best Comment spam defense is a good offense. Combine Akismet with a few other good Spam defenders and you could be free from that detestable comment spam!

I use WP-Hashcash

Try it! Best thing about it is it doesn’t bother real users and kills bots dead.

After all Akismet is good but some of those spammers just get by Akismet since it is still based on user feedback.

Of course that doesn’t last long usually.

Like I said best defense is a one two punch offense. . . .

Akismet + WP-Hash Cash = Dead Comment Spam

Voting for an African American

This election was the first that I remember voting for an African American. I have to admit I didn’t feel anything outside my normal even keel upon voting for him. It was a historic moment for our nation, state and county. I guess the way I’ve always viewed someone’s race is that it is a part of who someone is, it is an ingredient in their makeup and identity, but it doesn’t necessarily define them unless they want it too. That’s what I love about America. . . race isn’t defining unless that person defines themselves by it, unless others allow humiliation and racial prejudices to affect how we treat our fellow human beings on this planet.

So when I chose this man I looked at his character, background and most importantly his stand on the issues that were important to me. I was very happy to vote for him and mark his name on my ballot.

Congratulations William Todd Hughey the next 71st District Judge from Harrison County!

The Elect 71st District Judge from Harrison County
The Elect 71st District Judge from Harrison County